How to get wax out of carpet?

With the popularity of scented candles, wax spills on carpet have become
more and more common. Luckily most wax spills can be cleaned up without
damaging your carpet if you have a few common household items.

Items you will need

- Vacuum (preferably with attachment hose)
- Iron
- Credit Card
- White Cloth or Brown Paper Bags

How to remove the wax

1. You will start by removing a majority of the wax with the Credit Card. Start by carefully scraping the wax with the credit card to break it away from the carpet fibers. Be careful while doing this to not damage the carpet fibers or carpet backing. A good tip is if the wax is too soft, use an ice cube to help harden the wax to make breaking it up easier.

2. After you have scraped off as much of the wax as you can, use the hose from your vacuum to suck up the wax. Repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary.

3. Cut or tear the front and back (largest areas) of your paper bag out.

4. Turn the iron to the lowest setting with no steam and let it heat up. It's best to not have any water in your iron while doing the removal.

5. Lay the bag or cloth over the wax.

6. Place the iron on top of the bag or cloth for a few seconds to draw the wax into the bag or cloth. Move the bag or cloth so that a clean spot will be covering the wax and repeat until no wax is remaining. Be careful while doing this to not damage your carpet by burning or melting it with the iron. It is important to not leave the iron in one spot for to long and to move the bag or cloth often.

Repeat the steps above until all wax is removed. Depending on the candle, you may have a stain or residue left from the dye's that were in the wax. If you do, you can use a carpet spotter to remove these stains but we recommend calling a professional cleaner to remove them as they will be the most succesful at removing the stain without damaging your carpet.

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