Carpet Protector

How Does Carpet Protector Work?

Over time, carpet becomes worn and loses its protective properties. A
nylon stain-resist carpet is made with two protective properties: The
first is an acid dye blocker (a clear dye) that fills the extra dye sites
in fibers and keeps foreign dyes (spills) from penetrating the carpet fiber.
The second property is called a fluorochemical, commonly known as Scotchguard.

Flourochemicals help keep spills from even reaching acid dye blockers. In addition to guarding
against stains, the protective properties of carpet have a much more important job - resisting dry soil. By keeping soil from bonding to the carpet, more soil can be picked up by your vacuum. When carpet protector becomes worn in traffic areas the fibers in your carpet become exposed to gritty soil that wears and dulls carpet fibers like sand paper, resulting in traffic patterns.

The natural protective properties of carpet are removed in two ways: regular foot traffic over a period of 6 months to 2 years (depending on traffic) and from cleaners with a pH greater than 10!

Chem Clean uses cleaning solutions that are safe and won't remove your carpet protector, but it is recommended that you have an application of carpet protector applied every 6 months to 2 years to reduce the formation of traffic patterns and lengthen the life of your carpet.

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