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When taken care of properly, upholstery can continue looking like new for many years.
Chem Clean uses a cleaning process that removes deep-down soil, dust mites, pollen,
and dander for a thorough clean that leaves your uholstery feeling great and looking like new.
Chem Clean follows the steps listed below to renew your upholstery and get it thoroughly clean-

We visually inspect and take note of any stains or areas that will need to be specially treated. Our technicians will consult with you prior to the cleaning to let you identify any areas of special concern.

Cleaning Solution
A natural cleaning solution is applied to your upholstered fabric that gently loosens and breaks up soil embedded deep in the fabric.

Spots that may be hard to remove are treated with specially formulated solutions to further break down difficult stains.

Soil Extraction
After our natural cleaning solutions have loosened the soil and stains in your carpet we use a hot water extraction tool to gently extract the cleaning solution and soil from the fabric. Your upholstery is left with no sticky residue. Just clean, fresh fabric that looks and feels great.

Speed Dry
Nobody likes to have wet couches all day. We use high velocity fans to speed the drying of your upholstery when we are finished cleaning.

Final Inspection
When we are finished cleaning, we will inspect the upholstery with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the finshed result. If you have any concerns, we are happy to do whatever it takes until you are thrilled with the cleaning.

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