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Tile Cleaning Process

You can keep your tile and grout looking like new for many years with proper maintence
and periodic cleaning by a professional. At Chem Clean, we use a through process to get
the soil out of your grout that gets deeply embedded and may be too difficult to remove
without professional tools.

We first apply a natural cleaning solution to your tile and grout that helps break up and loosen soil that is attached to your tile or embedded deep into your grout. Once we have applied our cleaning solution, we use a brush to throughly scrub the solution into your grout, penetrating the porous surface to throughly break up difficult greasy soil. After carefully scrubbing your grout, we use a high-powered extraction tool that brushes, sprays, and extracts soil from your tile and grout all at the same time. This leave your tile and grout looking bright and clean.

Grout can become damaged over time from soil and usage. Having grout sealer applied to your grout every year or two can help protect your grout from spills and soil that may damage your grout over time. You can either request grout sealer at the time you schedule your appoinment or when the technician arrives for the cleaning

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