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Pet Odor Removal

Urine can be extremely difficult to remove because it bonds to carpet and gets deep into
the padding and sub-floor. Having your affected areas treated regularly can keep your
carpet fresh and smelling great.

Chem Clean uses the following process to remove urine odors from your carpet and padding-

  • The first step to odor removal is identification of all of the trouble areas. We use a high-powered black light to pin-point the spots that are contaminated in your carpet.
  • Once we have identified the trouble areas, we apply a unique cleaning solution deep into the padding of the carpet that attacks the odor at the moecular level and begins to neutralize the odor causing bacteria. We then use a specially designed tool to extract the solution back out of your carpet and padding, flushing much of the urine residue out of the carpet. This process is repeated several times to neutralize and remove as much of the urine residue as possible.
  • Finally, we do a thorough cleaning of your carpet to rinse it clean and leave you with fresh carpet that looks and smells great.
We suggest having pet spots treated as soon as possible after an accident. Pet urine is much easier to remove when it is initially deposited into the carpet in it's acidic state. Once it has a chance to fully dry and turn to into an alkaline residue with a ph of 10 to 12, it becomes much more difficult to completely remove from your carpet. Urine spots are also a breeding ground for bacteria, which is never ideal for your carpet.

Additionally, carpet can become permanantly stained by the strong ammonia that forms as urine chemically changes from an acid to an alkaline. As urine oxidizes, it can leave a spot that is permanently bleached or colored. The sooner you are able to have these spots removed, the less likely they are to leave permanent damage.

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