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No residue. just clean, fresh carpet.

At Chem Clean of Utah, we specialize in high quality carpet cleaning that gets your
carpet thoroughly clean without using harsh chemicals or leaving a sticky residue.
Our process removes the deep-down soil from your carpet without the long dry times
you may have experienced with other cleaners.

At Chem Clean, we pride ourselves on our high quality cleaning and customer service. Our thorough carpet cleaning process removes soil and stains from your carpet, leaving your carpet looking and feeling great. Our cleaning technicians are highly experienced in cleaning all types of carpet and stains. We have been providing our excellent service to Utah for over 15 years. We always use the highest quality equipment and natural cleaning solutions to ensure that we do the best job you have every experienced. We guarantee all of our work and ensure you are completely thrilled with the cleaning before we finish.

We use the following steps to make your carpet look like new again:

  • Inspection
    We always visually inspect your carpet with you prior to the cleaning and take note of any areas that may be of special concern to you.

  • Furniture Moving
    We understand that you want ALL of your carpet cleaned. Not just the walk-ways. Our technicians are happy to move couches and small tables to get your carpet thoroughly clean.

  • Natural Cleaning Solution
    Our specially formulated cleaning solution is sprayed onto your carpet, breaking up and loosening soil that is embedded deep into your carpet

  • Clean Rinse
    After soil is loosened from the fibers of your carpet, we use a high-powered extraction to flush and remove the cleaning solution along with any soil that was hiding in your carpet.

  • Carpet Protectant (optional)
    To protect your carpet from stains and the development of traffic areas, we suggest having carpet protectant applied every year or two. You can request carpet protectant when you schedule your appointment or at the time of the cleaning.

  • Speed Dry
    We know that nobody likes to have wet carpet for days. We use high powered fans to help speed the drying process following the cleaning. You can expect your carpet to dry within 4-5 hours in most situations.

Try Chem Clean to see how carpet cleaning should really be done. We guarantee you will be thrilled with the results!

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