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Our thorough carpet cleaning process removes even the deepest, toughest soil out of your carpet without using harsh chemicals or leaving behind a sticky residue.
We renew your upholstery by eliminating the soil and that gets embedded deep inside your fabric, leaving your furniture looking better than ever and feeling fresh and clean.

Provo Carpet Cleaning

Your most thorough carpet cleaning, guaranteed.

If you are looking for a Provo carpet cleaner, then look no further than your friendly carpet cleaners at Chem Clean. Chem Clean provides a solution for all of your carpet cleaning Provo needs, Our team of highly qualified Provo carpet cleaners follow a multi-step process in order to leave your carpet deep-down clean. When you call on Chem Clean's carpet cleaning service in Provo, Utah you can not only ensure that your carpet will have personal care, but you can rest easy knowing that our team will remove dirt and stains from the fibers of your carpet, leaving your carpet cleaner and healthier.

Chem Clean professionals take the time to get your carpet thoroughly clean. Our trained technicians carefully use the following steps to make your carpet look like new again:

  • Hot, soft water and a cleaning solution are lightly sprayed onto the carpet
  • This combination loosens and lifts dirt and soil
  • Powerful suction gently extracts the deep-down dirt and the cleaning solution
  • No soapy residue is left behind
  • Carpet dries quickly in 3-4 hours

Call Chem Clean today to find out more about our carpet cleaning services. We look forward to your call! Our professional carpet cleaning of Provo, Utah can help restore brightness and color into your favorite and faded carpets.

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